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As a young girl in grandmas’ kitchen,  I was intrigued by how they could infuse so much love into the food that fueled my soul. The smell of homemade rolls, pies, and perfectly fried chicken created food memories that assured me that I was home and in good company with family and friends. Family is the foundation of Perfectly Seasoned. It is the legacy to continue the traditions of Faith, Food, and Flavor. 

Perfectly Seasoned utilizes the God given talent that was shaped by experiences and memories , nurtured with love, and packaged with care to share eclectic  and traditional dishes with the world. Perfectly Seasoned’s flavor is a fusion of Southern, Americana, West Indies, and Asian cuisines. These flavors  are a part of my culture and reflective of my family. In 2016  I launched Perfectly Seasoned to provide a culinary experience that is "a taste of Love in every bite."

~ L'Aurelle Johnson

Owner and Culinary Connoisseur

Tel: 816-686-4231 |  Email: perfectlyseasoned2016@gmail.com


Perfectly Seasoned


Perfectly Seasoned Delights

Yeast Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls

Pound Cake

Apple Jam

All Purpose Seasoning Blend




Exquisite meals consisting of either poultry, seafood, fish, pork, beef or vegetarian cuisines

Eclectic Tastes

You choose your favorite foods, I’ll assemble a divine menu


Absolutely loved it.

Amazing food and charismatic chef.

Robert Reese, Minneapolis, MN

At Your Service

Tel: 816-686-4231  |  Email: perfectlyseasoned2016@gmail.com


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